Micro Markets

Micro Market Vending Houston 

If you want only the best for your employees, then you should go with a Micro-Market in your break room or office-cafeteria.  Micro markets transform your existing break rooms into an open market offering hundreds of items to be sold via a custom checkout kiosk.  Micro-market setups move you into the next level of employee satisfaction.  The coolers and shelves can be filled with hundreds of products, including a tremendous selection of healthy options for your employees and team members. 

The checkout kiosks are equipped with barcode scanners, touch screens, credit card readers, bill acceptors, and finger print scanners.  A customer simply takes an item, scans it and checks out.  Methods of payment include cash, credit cards and re-loadable smart cards. A customer can set up an account, load it with cash or available credit, and make purchases as needed.  There are many benefits to micro-markets vending options:

  • Largest selection of items available to your employees. 
  • Employees stay on-site for refreshments and snacks which increases overall productivity.
  • Quick and easy payment options make transactions a breeze.
  • Healthy snack options show your team members you care about their well being.


Check out the video below for a full preview of what your Micro-Market could look like today!