Pay By Phone

Smartphone usage has continued to increase year after year.  VendScreen makes it easy for you to enjoy the freedom and ease to pay for your vending selections directly from your smartphone without having to download another payment app.  Vendscreen also accepts Apple Pay and Google Wallet. Every other vending company in Houston will charge an extra 10 or 20 cents to use credit card payments, but Alltexas Vending does not. We charge the same price whether its cash or credit. 


A Unique TouchScreen Instantly Modernizes Your Machines


Powered by a platform-based software system, VendScreen interactive touchscreen devices retrofit on existing vending machines to attract more customers and provide a vastly superior customer experience. Your customers will want to return to the machines again and again.

Customers get product information including nutritional data. They can use the payment method they prefer – cash, credit or debit, mobile payments such as Apple Pay and Google Wallet, and contactless payment, such as PayWave and PayPass, are all accepted. And every transaction is supported by an instant help feature and operator issued Credit Codes. DEX data is sent twice a day or more as necessary to help keep machines stocked just the way customers like them. Now you can manage your operation and control your customer experience like never before.


*Iphone users using iPhone’s earlier than the 6 models need a special case to enable NFC technology.